Introducing The Digital Bra.
With the technology for a truly perfect fit.

Research shows more than 85% of women can't find a bra that fits them perfectly. Common complaints include their bra is uncomfortable, irritating, and even leads to potential health problems for many. The problem is manufacturers typically take a 'few sizes fit all' approach, based on just two or three measurements.

The Digital Bra is different. It's a new luxury lingerie designer brand that not only helps women love their breasts but makes them feel beautiful, confident and empowered. We take a radical and revolutionary approach to how you're measured and how your bra is made leading to the perfect fit over and over. Our innovative web and mobile technology creates a 100% accurate measurement. We produce a customized bra just for you that's elegant, über-fashionable and most importantly, a complete joy to wear.
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We bring you: comfort

It's easy to do and takes less than five minutes, using your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you take 100% accurate measurements from the waist up with the very latest CAD precision mapping technology. These measurements will calculate the weight and shape of your breasts so your bra is 100% comfortable, and gives you the most elegant, most alluring silhouette possible.

The bra, reinvented

Based on these measurements, we provide the best selection of contemporary bra designs for you to choose from which are best suited to your shape and size.

Fresh fabric choices

Our fabrics are super soft, super chic and super-innovative. The Digital Bra's leading edge technology uses X-STATIC® fabric which contains pure silver for unrivalled anti-bacterial and anti-microbial protection ensuring you feel fresh and exceptionally comfortable all day long. This fabric is meticulously combined with exquisite French lace and beautiful French silks, creating a bra you'll simply adore.

Look after your health

You want a life that's fun, free and full of adventure; The Digital Bra gives you, and your breasts, all the support you need. Our designer bras - created with the guidance of a chiropractor - have no under-wires so your movement is never restricted and the lymphatic glands in your breasts can drain freely as nature intended. So your bra loves you as much as you'll love it!

Supporting women around the world

You'll love the ethical side of The Digital Bra too. We don't use sweatshops to manufacture your designer bras - every one of our bras is handmade by women- and family-owned businesses in developing countries, supporting local communities. Offering better support for you and better support for women globally.

Giving your body a break

When you purchase your Digital Bra, we'll also send you a free lightweight top, beautifully soft and comfortable, designed specifically to give your breasts a rest. We encourage all women to remove their bras in the evening and wear our lightweight tops (which health experts highly recommend). We'll even make sure it's the perfect size for you, based on your measurements - another way we'll help you love your breasts!

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You've finally found the world's best-fitting bra!

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Project: Forgive Foundation

We're donating a part of the proceeds for every bra sold to Project: Forgive Foundation.

Project: Forgive started as a 5-minute video. The video went viral, touching tens of thousands of people across the globe. The video is being made into a documentary, slated to air on PBS in April 2016.

The conversation of Forgiveness became a movement and the Project: Forgive Foundation was born. They have been featured in major media across the planet, including Inc. Magazine, CNN, the CBC and countless others. Even Archbishop Desmond Tutu saw this mission as significant and officially endorsed them.

Today the 501c3, non-partisan, non-religious organization is flourishing and is focused on educating students and business leaders on creating collaboration, diversity, integrity, compassion and forgiveness throughout the workplace.


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